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AR# 21666

EDK OPB_UARTLite - UARTLITE interrupt with both edge and level sensitivity. How do you service this interrupt?


General Description:

UART LITE HAS 1 interrupt port.

UART.Interrupt.port can be activated by the RX and TX buffer conditions.

The opb_intc allows you to set each interrupt for level or edge sensitivity, but there is only one UART LITE Interrupt port.

How do you service this interrupt?


You should set the interrupt as edge sensitive and remove the interrupt cause in the handler. Interrupt is High as long as there is data in the RX FIFO, so the handler needs to empty the FIFO.

Interrupt handler:

- checks for TX FIFO empty bit in the status register and writes 16 new characters if the FIFO is empty

- checks for RX buffer exists bit in the status register and empties the RX FIFO.
AR# 21666
Date 02/23/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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