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AR# 21774

Spartan-3 - How do you terminate BLVDS drivers for Spartan-3 devices?


Where can I find information on terminating a BLVDS driver in Spartan-3 devices?


The Spartan-3 BLVDS driver is a voltage mode driver as opposed to a current mode driver which is used in Spartan-3 LVDS. Since BLVDS is a voltage mode driver, source termination is needed in order to meet the BLVDS output specifications.

The BLVDS driver in Spartan-3 is similar to the voltage mode LVDS driver in Spartan-IIE devices, so you can follow the termination guidelines set forth in (Xilinx XAPP232): "Virtex-E LVDS Drivers & Receivers: Interface Guidelines" for BLVDS in a point-to-point environment and (Xilinx XAPP243): "Bus LVDS with Virtex-E Devices" for BLVDS in a bus environment.

AR# 21774
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Spartan-3
  • Spartan-IIE
  • Virtex-E
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