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AR# 21785

8.1i ISE - Migrating a Project Navigator project from ISE 7 to ISE 8


General Description:

Are you converting a Project Navigator project from ISE 7 format to ISE 8 format?


Migrating from ISE 7 to ISE 8

When you open an ISE 7 project file in the ISE 8 design tools, the tools prompt you to convert your project. If you click Yes, the ISE 8 design tools automatically convert your ISE 7 project file to an ISE 8 project file. If you click No, the ISE design tools do not convert your project and, instead, opens Project Navigator with no project loaded. For details on the conversion process, see the following sections.

NOTE: After you convert your project, you cannot open it in previous versions of the ISE design tools, such as the ISE 7 design tools. However, a backup of the original project is created as part of project migration, as described below. For information on migrating earlier versions of ISE, for example ISE 6, see the ISE Help available from Project Navigator.

To Convert a Project

1. In the ISE 8 Project Navigator, select File -> Open Project.

2. In the Open Project dialog box, select the ISE file to convert.

3. In the dialog box that appears, select Yes.

What to Expect

The ISE design tools automatically convert your ISE 7 project to an ISE 8 project as follows:

- Backs up your current design in an archive file called: "project_name_ise7_back.zip".

- Removes obsolete files.

- Updates Simulator Project Property. (Generated Simulation language is now part of the Simulator setting).

NOTE: To improve performance, the new default for the Pipelining option is 'on' in the Device Options (Synplify Pro) tab of the Process Properties dialog box. (During conversion, the ISE design tools retain your property settings. The new default values are only used when creating a new project.)
AR# 21785
Date 08/12/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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