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AR# 21829

PlanAhead - What are the output files from the PlanAhead software?


I have saved a floorplan in the PlanAhead software. When I export a floorplan, what are the files that are written out?


The PlanAhead software creates the following files when saving the floorplan: 

- Project File (<projectname>.ppr) 

- Project Data Directory (<projectname>.data)
...... Project Data Netlist Subdirectory (netlist)
...... Project Data Floorplan Subdirectories and Files (<floorplan_name>) 

The EDIF file saves the logical hierarchy of the design, and the UCF file saves all the design constraints (both those read in to the PlanAhead software and those created within the PlanAhead software). 

When a user exports the floorplan, the PlanAhead software creates following two files: 

- ExploreAhead Run Directory (<projectname>.runs) 
...... Floorplan and Run Subdirectories 
- EDIF Netlists (.edf) 
- Constraint Files (.ucf) 
- ISE Launch Scripts (launch.bat, launch.sh, runme.bat, runme.sh and <ISE_command>.rst) 

Created and maintained in the PlanAhead software invocation directory: 

- Log File (planAhead.log) 
- Journal File (planAhead.jou) 
- Error Log File (planAhead-pidxxxx.error.txt) 
- DRC results (results_x_drc.txt) 
- TimeAhead Results (report.htr & db2sta_timing.ucf) 
- Logical Netlist and Pblock Statistics Reports 

Please see the PlanAhead Users Guide for more details.

AR# 21829
Date 05/08/2013
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • PlanAhead
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