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M1.x EPIC - How do I change the default display colors and fonts?


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General Description:
Is there a way to change the default color display in the EPIC Design Editor? Can I change the font selection of the displayed text?



You can customize EPIC's display properties, including the display colors and fonts, by editing the display initialization file.

To do this from a Workstation:

1. Copy the EPIC intitialization file to your home directory.

cp $XILINX/bin/<platform>/Epic ~

Note: Replace <platform> with the platform you are
using (sun, sol, hp, etc.). Be sure to copythe text file "Epic" (capitalized), and not the binary "epic" (lowercase).

2. Edit the file copied into your home directory to reflect the colors/fonts you wish to be displayed.

For Example:

Change: epic*buttonwin*background: light blue
to: epic*buttonwin*background: white

if you want the button window background to be white instead of light blue. Similar changes may be made to other color properties, as well as the font selections.

To do this on a PC:

You need to modify the Display Properties of the windows for the system.

1. Open Display Properties by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting the "Properties" tab from the menu.

2. Select the "Apearance" tab from the Diplay Properties window.

3. Modify the window colors until a desired display is reached.

4. Press "OK".

Note: This will modify the colors of all system windows.


Please note: Some colors, such as the nets and foreground colors in the EDIT BLOCK window, are hard-coded and cannot be changed.
AR# 2187
Date 07/09/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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