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AR# 21937

LogiCORE CAN - Release Notes and Known Issues for LogiCORE CAN v1.1


Keywords: CORE, Generator, COREGen, CAN, IP, Controller, Area, Network, CAN, v1.1, Automotive, Industrial

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
This Answer Record contains Release Notes and Installation information for LogiCORE CAN version 1.1.


If you have not already done so, you must register for access to your CAN LogiCORE license and download at:

The following is a listing of Release Notes and Known Issue links for LogiCORE CAN Version 1.1

Known Issues

-Are NCSIM Simulation Libraries available for CAN LogiCORE v1.1? (Xilinx Answer 22154)
-Can I install LogiCORE CAN v1.1 with the COREGen Updates Installer? (Xilinx Answer 22175)
-How do I obtain a Full System Hardware Evaluation license? (Xilinx Answer 22186)

Tool Requirements

1. ISE 7.1i with Service Pack 4 (7.1.04i)

ISE 7.1i Service Packs can be downloaded from:

2. IP Update #3

ISE 7.1i IP Update 3 can be downloaded from:

NOTE: MXE users should also download and install the Simulation Libraries Updates.

3. Acrobat Reader Requirement

Acrobat Reader Version 5 or later must be installed to view core data sheets. You can download the latest Acrobat software from the Adobe site:

Installation Instructions

NOTE: LogiCORE CAN v1.1 is not available via the Automated Update using the COREGen Updates Installer.

Supported Operating Systems are listed in the 7.1i IP Update #3 CORE Generator Release Notes (Xilinx Answer 21938).

1. Close the CORE Generator application if it is running.

2. Download the ".zip" file from the Xilinx Download Center, and save it to a temporary directory.

3. Extract the ".zip" file (can_v1_1.zip) archive to the root directory of your Xilinx software installation. Allow your extractor utility to overwrite all existing files and maintain the directory structure pre-defined in the archive.


Unzip the ".zip" file using WinZip 7.0 SR-1 or later. The Xilinx software installation directory is typically located at "C:\XILINX", if the installation defaults were used. You can verify the location of the Xilinx install by entering the following on the DOS command line:

echo %XILINX%


Use UnZip to unpack the ".zip" file. Xilinx recommends that you download the "zip" file and unpack it using the UNIX command line UnZip utility included with Xilinx software. WinZip is not recommended for extracting the "zip" archive because of differences in the way it handles files with long path names. See (Xilinx Answer 11162) for more details. If you have already installed your Xilinx ISE software, the Xilinx installation directory location is the value of the XILINX variable, which is defined by your setup script. After sourcing your Xilinx setup script, enter the following to determine the location of your Xilinx installation:

echo $XILINX

You might need system administrator privileges to install the update.

4. For Full Licensed versions, follow the installation instructions contained in your Xilinx Core License Request email. You will extract the ".zip" file (core_licenses_full.zip) that you received to the root directory of your Xilinx software installation.

5. Restart CORE Generator. During start-up, CORE Generator automatically detects that new IP has been added to your installation.

6. Determine whether the installation was successful by verifying that the new core is visible in the CORE Generator GUI under the "Automotive and Industrial" Folder.
AR# 21937
Date 05/26/2006
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Type General Article
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