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AR# 21950

ModelSim Xilinx Edition (MXE) - After installation, with my USB dongle plugged in, my computer does not see the USB dongle on Windows XP machines


When I have my USB dongle plugged in, after I have installed all the drivers, the dongle is not recognized. When I enter "lmutil lmhostid -flexid," it does not recognize the dongle.

Also, when I run the license wizard, it crashes and issues the following message:

"diagnose.exe has encountered a problem and needs to be closed."

How can I fix this problem?


There is a two-part solution to this issue as follows:

Part 1

Due to changes in Windows XP, SP2 causes the drivers released with MXE to fail. There are two new drivers available to fix this issue at:


Download these files and unzip them to the folder of your choice in the following order:

1. Install the HASP_User_Setup file.

2. Install the HDD32 file.

Once these two files are installed, the USB dongle should be recognized by the computer and the red light on the dongle should turn on. If the red light is not on, unplug the USB dongle, plug it back in, and it should work.

After Part 1 is completed, the next step is to obtain a new "lic_request.txt" file.

Part 2

For information on how to generate a new "lic_request.txt" file, see (Xilinx Answer 21951).
AR# 21950
Date 01/06/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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