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AR# 21981

7.1i PAR - A Place 580 error occurs with EMAC and PPC


In my design that uses loc'ing of the location of the EMACs and the PPCs, or uses multiple PPCs and EMACs, the following Place error occurs: 


"ERROR:Place:580 - Placer was unable to create RPM for the PPC405 component 

CPUCPLX/ppc405_1/ppc405_1/PPC405_ADV_i and EMAC component 


connected by the DCREMACENABLE pin on the EMAC component"


The error is caused by an incorrect RPM check in Place. You can work around this issue by connecting the DCREMACENABLER signal from the PPC to the DCREMACENABLE signal on the hard EMAC.

AR# 21981
Date 05/19/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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