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AR# 22029

LogiCORE Dual Port Block Memory v6.3 - Mismatch on both DOUTA and DOUTB for the DPBLKMEM for V-4 using NCSIM


General Description: 

When simulating Dual Port Block Memory v6.3, targeting the Virtex-4 family and using NCSIM LDV 5.1 simulator, I receive the following ERROR message: 



ncsim> run 

ASSERT/ERROR (time 1400 NS) from process :compare_output1 (architecture work.testbench:xilinx) 

VHDL ( 01 ) /= Netlist ( 11 ) on DOUTA 

Assertion at 1400 NS + 1 

./svg_tb_blkmemdp_v6_3.vhd:1583 ASSERT doutavhdl = doutanetlist 

ncsim> exit 



This issue occurs when you target the Virtex-4 family, with the SDF file, and use NCSIM. 


It does not occur with the Virtex-II family or when you run the simulation without the SDF file. 


This issue is still under investigation. If you encounter this issue and need assistance, please, contact Xilinx technical support.

AR# 22029
Date 05/19/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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