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AR# 22059

7.1i EDK SP2 - opb_spi v1.00.c fails, causing the OPB Bus to time out when accessing the internal registers


General Description: 

My project writes to 0x70 (and other registers) and generates an ip2bus_wrack, but no spi_xferack. This results in an opb_timeout. When I switch to v1.00.b, it fixes the issue.


The latest version of OPB SPI Core (opb_spi v1.00.c) uses a helper library "opb_ipif_v3_01_a" core. 


In this release, the helper library has been modified, causing the OPB SPI Core and other OPB Slave Cores that use this helper library (opb_ipif_v3_01_a) to fail in the system (including any timing issues). 


This issue was fixed by eliminating the reset of the posted write inhibit signal when OPB_Select negates. 


A patch is available for download that will fix this problem at: 

Download the patch to the "pcore" sub-directory (in your project directory) and compile the design.  

NOTE: This patch has the same version as the existing library in the EDK build.

AR# 22059
Date 05/19/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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