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AR# 22076

9.1i PlanAhead - The FLEXlm log contains "inconsistent authentication code" message


We have multiple users that share the same FLEXlm license, but we are receiving errors. In the FLEXlm log file, the following error occurs: 


"inconsistent authentication code" 


Why am I receiving this error?


You should investigate the license file and registration e-mail to see if there are "three server redundant" configurations instead of a single server configuration. If you have hosts #2 and #3 with the same configuration, then you will have this "three server redundant" configuration.  


If you intended to have a three server configuration, please notify Xilinx Technical Support for assistance: 


Typically, Xilinx customers opt for a simpler "single server" configuration. If you only want a "single server" setup, re-register for a new license (using your original product ID), and provide only the information for host #1.

AR# 22076
Date 05/19/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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