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AR# 22248

8.1i ISE - Project Navigator process, Analyze Design Using ChipScope, gives "ERROR: Unable to find the ChipScope Exe at NotHere/analyzer.exe"


Keywords: ChipScope, ISE, Project Navigator, process, NotHere, inserter, analyzer, install

When the Top Level source file is selected, there is a process called "Analyze Design Using ChipScope" in the processes window. However, selecting this process results in the following error:

"ERROR: Unable to find the ChipScope Exe at NotHere/analyzer.exe
INFO: Please check and make sure that the bin directory path for
ChipScope in Edit -> Preferences -> Integrated Tools is correctly set"


ChipScope is a separate software program from ISE and is installed separately. The "Analyze Design Using ChipScope" should not be available through Project Navigator unless ChipScope has been installed. The 8.1i early access software shows this process even when ChipScope has not been installed. The path indicated in the error message, "NotHere/analyzer.exe" indicates that there is no install location listed for ChipScope.

In the general ISE 8.1i release, Project Navigator will not show the "Analyze Design Using ChipScope" unless ChipScope has been installed.

If ChipScope has been installed and you see this message, select Edit -> Preferences -> Integrated Tools from the Project Navigator menu. Under the ChipScope entry, browse to the correct ChipScope installation directory.
AR# 22248
Date 03/26/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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