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AR# 22250

ISE - Issues related to spaces in the installation path or project/source path


This Answer Record lists known issues related to using spaces in the install path or project directory structure.


Issues fixed in 8.1i Service Pack 1 (8.1.01i)

- ModelSim simulation fails if there is a space in the directory path of a custom ".do" file (Xilinx Answer 22570).

- Macro Search Path is truncated after a space in the path.

Issues fixed in 8.1i Service Pack 3 (8.1.03i)

- Macro Search Path associated with a ChipScope core is truncated after a space in the path.

Issues fixed in 8.1i IP Update 1

- Creating an IP source from Project Navigator with a space in the project path causes a Coreutil error (Xilinx Answer 22294).

- Manage Cores process from Project Navigator fails and reports: "ERROR (dpm_flowUtilsExec): ERROR: wincoregen.exe failed: ERROR:Portability:90" (Xilinx Answer 22261).

Issues fixed in 9.2i

- Simulation produces a segmentation fault (core dump) when a custom TCL file with spaces in the name is used on a Linux platform (Xilinx Answer 22297).

- ISE Simulation fails and reports "ERROR:HDLCompilers:26 - "<path with space>/<file name>.v" line ## Could not find verilog include file" (Xilinx Answer 22298). - VCD file name with space generates error: "wrong # args: should be vcd dumpfile <file_name>" (Xilinx Answer 22299).

Note: The ISE 10 install will not allow users to install to paths containing spaces.

The 10.1 ISE Design Suite will not support spaces in the Install Path. In order to support EDK in the same installation directory, spaces in the install path will not be allowed. This limitation is due to requirements of third party software supported through EDK.

Outstanding Issues for ISE 11.4

- Floorplanner does not support Windows 95/98/NT/2000 file names that contain spaces (Xilinx Answer 6508).

- Project Navigator Check Syntax process fails when spaces are in the project directory (Xilinx Answer 34050)

AR# 22250
Date 05/12/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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