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AR# 22298

9.2i ISE - ISE Simulation fails with "ERROR:HDLCompilers:26 - "<path with space>/<file name>.v" line ## Could not find verilog include file"


Running a simulation process for ISE Simulator results in an error. For example, Fuse fails with the following error:

"ERROR:HDLCompilers:26 - "c:\my pat\test\top.v" line 71 Could not find verilog include file 'define.v'

Parsing c:\my pat\test\top.v: 0.00""


The HDLCompiler is not able to find "include" files inside a project path that contain spaces. In the example above, "define.v" file is located in the "c:\my pat\test" directory and is included by "top.v". However, since there is a space in the path, HDLCompiler fails to locate"define.v" and fuse fails.

The same project will compile and simulate without error if it is moved to a directory that does not contain spaces in the path.

AR# 22298
Date 01/28/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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