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AR# 22307

7.1i WebPack - CORE Generator cores are not available in New Source -> IP (IP Cores & Architecture Wizard)


Keywords: cores, available, COREGen, new source, ISE, WebPACK, IP

In my ISE project, no cores are available when I select Project -> New Source -> IP (Cores & Architecture Wizard). Only Architecture Wizard components (e.g., Clocking, RocketIO) appear.


If no cores appear, but Architecture Wizard components (like DCM) are visible, this indicates that a WebPACK installation is being used. CORE Generator is not shipped with WebPACK version 7.1i and earlier.

To determine which software version you are using, run the XInfo System Checker and see FILESET.txt -> product= ...

Beginning with the 8.1i release, CORE Generator is included in the WebPACK software installation.
AR# 22307
Date 12/13/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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