AR# 2233


SYNPLIFY: Why aren't Unified Library names used in the XNF?


Keywords: Synplify, XNF

Urgency: Standard

General Description: Why aren't Unified Library names used
in the XNF netlist?


In the 3.0 release, Synplify wrote a netlist using XNF
primitives as opposed to the Unified library primitives.
The description for all XNF primitives were provided in
the "XNF Specification, June 1, 1995", available at

To give a better understanding of why the XNF primitives
are more flexible than Unified library primitives, read
page 72 which describes RAM/ROM primitives. The note at
the bottom states, "that although the name of the symbol
in the library may be RAM16x1 or ROM32x1, the symbol type
is ALWAYS simply RAM or ROM. The implementation software
determines whether a 16x1 or 32x1 memory is to be used based
on the number of address inputs." This flexibility allows
Synplify to use a generic name with out concern with the
actual Unified library name.

In the 5.0 release, the Synplify mapper now uses Unified
library primitives in both EDIF and XNF output formats.
This also improves the readability of your design in the
Technology View of HDL Analyst.
AR# 2233
Date 10/06/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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