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Data2mem - In the Xilinx Design Suite, how do I load an ISE or Vivado ELF file into an encrypted, or compressed bitstream .bit file?


An error occurs when I attempt to run "Update Bitstream" in ISE or Vivado design suite with an encrypted or compressed bitstream.


BitGen in ISE Design Suite 14.6

If you attempt to pass encrypted or compressed bitstreams to BitGen in the ISE 14.6 design tools, the following error message will appear in the console:

ERROR:Data2MEM:114 - Currently Compressed bit files are not supported by Data2MEM during bit stream replacement.
Instead, use the same -bd option used on the Data2MEM command line on the Bitgen command line when making the Compressed bit file.
This will replace the same BRAM contents, but instead during the bit file creation process.

You can add the -bd option to BitGen to specify the ELF file as this error message suggests.
This should be done in the command line.
The same error will be seen if XPS is used to update the bitstream.

The ELF file will be updated into bitstream in BitGen rather than data2mem.

The command line to do this can be seen in Chapter 4 of the Data2mem User Guide:

Write_bitstream in Vivado Design Suite 2013.2

If you want to use encrypted or compressed bitstream in Vivado Design Suite, you need to associate the ELF into the bitstream.

The following is an example TCL command:

set_property MEMDATA.ADDR_MAP_CELLS {system_i/microblaze_1} [get_files file.elf]

Once this is done, call the write_bitstream command with the encrypted or compressed property enabled. 

Note: With this flow you will not be able to re-run Data2mem on the resulting bitstream, as Data2mem does not support encrypted, or compressed bitstreams.

For more information on the write_bitream properties, see UG908, page 64.

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