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AR# 22375

IP Licensing / COREGEN / EDK - My computer has two MAC addresses. Which do I lock to my IP license?


Problem Description: 

If I have a computer with multiple MAC addresses, how do I determine which physical address to lock my IP license to?


You can choose any MAC address on your computer as the physical address that the IP license will be locked to. However, the network connection associated with the address must be enabled for the tools to see the MAC address and associate it with the IP license. 


To obtain a listing of the network connections available on your machine, go to: 


Start -> Network Connections 


You can then right-click the listed connections and Enable or Disable them. You can achieve the same through DOS by using 'ipconfig release/renew'. When you disable a connection, that network interface card (NIC) effectively turns off and is not visible to any applications running on the machine. 


Thus, if you generate a license for a particular MAC address, the network connection implied by the MAC address must be enabled (but not necessarily physically or wirelessly connected to the LAN) for the FLEXlm-based licensing system to be able to see it.

AR# 22375
Date 05/19/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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