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AR# 22389

9.1i EDK - PPC- Tppccko_TRCEVNTO 2.300 edk_system/ppc405_0/ppc405_0/PPC405_ADV_i


I am using the RISCTrace interface on the PPC. In the PowerPC 405 Processor Block Reference Guide, it is recommended that two of the signals on the Trace Interface (C405TRCTRIGGEREVENTOUT and C405TRCTRIGGEREVENTIN) should be tied in loop-back when they are not used. I am following these guidelines in the reference guide. However, I am encountering a timing problem on this loop-back. The PPC is running @ 300 MHz. The timing report includes the following: 


"Tppccko_TRCEVNTO 2.300 edk_system/ppc405_0/ppc405_0/PPC405_ADV_i 

net (fanout=1) 0.670 edk_system/tracetriggerevent 

Tppcdck_TRIGEVNT 0.690 edk_system/ppc405_0/ppc405_0/PPC405_ADV_i 

Total path is 3.66ns. " 


Can I TIG this signal?


Yes, you can TIG this signal.

AR# 22389
Date 05/19/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article