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LogiCORE CAN - Release Notes and Known Issues for LogiCORE CAN v1.2


General Description:  
This Answer Record contains Release Notes and Installation information for LogiCORE CAN version 1.2.


The following is a listing of Release Notes and Known Issue links for LogiCORE CAN Version 1.2 
CR's fixed in this release 
1) My FIFO reads appear to be out on sync by one 32-bit word (Xilinx Answer 22411)
Known Issues 
-Are NCSIM Simulation Libraries available for CAN LogiCORE v1.1? (Xilinx Answer 22154) 
-Can I install LogiCORE CAN v1.1 with the COREGen Updates Installer? (Xilinx Answer 22175) 
-How do I obtain a Full System Hardware Evaluation license? (Xilinx Answer 22186) 
Installation Guide and Tool Requirements 
All Installation Instructions and Tool Requirements for LogiCORE CAN version 1.1 (Xilinx Answer 21937) apply to this release.
AR# 22412
Date 05/19/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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