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AR# 22416

Spartan-3E - Considerations for upward pin-out migration


This Answer Record contains guidelines for upward pin-out migration in Spartan-3E packages.


Spartan-3E has introduced a new pin type called "input only." These pins are denoted as "IP" in the pin name (e.g., IP_Lxxy_#). It is important to take these pins into consideration when migrating to larger densities within a package.

The following pins go from being IO to IP in a larger device and should be used as inputs only if an upward migration is possible:

TQ144 P10 & P29 from '100E to '250E

FT256 D16 from '250E to '500E

FT256 F5, M14, & N2 from '500E to '1200E

FG320 E17, F4, P15, R4 from '500E to '1200E

FG320 A12 from '1200E to '1600E

For more information on footprint migration differences, see the Spartan-3E Pinout Description section in the Spartan-3E Data Sheet located at:


AR# 22416
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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