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AR# 22474

Schematic - How do I connect a group of bus signals to GROUND in Schematic Editor?


I want to connect a group of bus signals D[15:0] to GROUND in a schematic. The "GND" symbol is available in general list, but it is for a single wire only, not for a bus. When the GND symbol is connected to a bus, the schematic DRC error reports a "bus width mismatch." How do I connect a bus to GROUND (or VCC)?


A bus can have all signals connected to GROUND with the use of an iterative instance. The following example shows how to connect a 16-bit bus to GROUND.

1. Connect a GND symbol to bus signal D[15:0].

2. Name the GND symbol as an iterative instance (for example, instname = gnd_ins(15:0)). This step actually generates 16 instances of the GND symbol.

Alternatively, in ISE 9.1i and later, use the Constant symbol and set all values to 0.

See (Xilinx Answer 16526): "Schematic - How do I use constants in a schematic design?"

AR# 22474
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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