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AR# 22542

8.1i CPLDFit XC9500/XL/XV CoolRunner-II/XPLA3 - How do I access a pin-out (package) file for CPLDs?


General Description:

Where can I find an ASCII/text file that shows the pin-out for my CPLD?


The pin-out file can be accessed and opened by a text editor or Microsoft Excel from the "DESIGN.pad" file generated by Fit in Implementation process in ISE. The filename corresponds to the name of the top-level design file and is located in the project directory.

The file is pipe ( | ) delimited for ease of parsing in Excel.

If no design file is available, simply make a test design with one input and output and use that to generate the ".pad" file. When parsing the ".pad" file, look for the two user I/O and rename them as general I/O pins.

AR# 22542
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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