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AR# 22549

10.1 CORE Generator - When running Manage Cores through Project Navigator on Linux 32, IP cores cannot be customized when Java memory is set to 2048 or above


Some variations of IP cores require more memory than is allocated by default for the JVM called by CORE Generator. To make it easier to change the amount of memory allocated for Java, an option (Memory Dedicated to Java) was added to the 8.1i CORE Generator preferences. When running on a Linux 32-bit platform, this option does not work, even if the machine has 4G of RAM.


When running Manage Cores through Project Navigator on a Linux 32-bit platform, the amount of memory available to Java is limited to 1024 MBytes. If more memory is required to generate a core, you must run CORE Generator in stand-alone mode.

NOTE: This issue has been observed only on the Linux 32-bit platform when using Manage Cores.
AR# 22549
Date 07/28/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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