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AR# 22584

8.1i Virtex-4 MAP - Crash during "Running Physical Synthesis" when using "-logic_opt on"


My design crashes in MAP right after the message "Running Physical Synthesis". I have tried to disable the use of Physical Synthesis in ISE, but the failure still occurs. How do I disable this option?


There are two issues here:

- The Physical Synthesis crash is one of a variety of known issues. There are fixes scheduled for both 8.2i SP1 and SP2.

- The MAP "-logic_opt on|off" switch does not work correctly in 8.1i. Physical Synthesis is always run if the switch is present, regardless of the value setting, making it impossible to disable this option from ISE (which always sets this switch On or Off).

This switch problem is fixed in 8.1i SP1. Once installed, ISE will only run Physical Synthesis if either the "Combinational Logic Optimization" or "Register Duplication" options are active.

AR# 22584
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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