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AR# 22590

8.1i ISE - Viewing a snapshot fails after converting a project from ISE 7.1i to ISE 8.1i format : "Open failed for: <snapshot_name>"


Keywords: revision, archive, snapshot, migration, conversion

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I create or use a project in ISE 7.1i, and it is opened in ISE 8.1i, Project Navigator first archives the existing project and then converts the ".ise" project file to the ISE 8.1i format.

When I try to view the original project snapshots, the following pop-up message is displayed:

"Open failed for: <snapshot_name>"


This will occur if the snapshot file (.snp) and the project file (.ise) do not have the same base name. The base name could have been changed by manually renaming the file or by performing Project -> Save Project As ... .

There are a few possible ways to work around this problem:

- Re-migrate the design
1. Restore the original .design from the "<project_name>_ise7_bak.zip" file.
2. Rename either the ".ise" or the ".snp" (in the snapshots\<snapshot_name> directory) so that the base names are the same.
3. Open the design with Project Navigator 8.1i.
You should now be able to open the snapshot files.

- Use the new ".ise" file as the snapshot file.
1. Delete the "<project>\snapshot\<snapshot_name>.snp" file.
2. Copy "<project>\<project_name>.ise" to the "<project>\snapshot\" directory.
3. Rename "<project>\snapshot\<snapshot_name>.ise" to "<project>\snapshot\<snapshot_name>.snp".
You should now be able to open the snapshot files.
AR# 22590
Date 03/26/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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