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AR# 22601

11.1 CORE Generator - Fragmented or seemingly incomplete error messages are displayed in the CORE Generator console window


When I generate a core, several messages appear in the console window. Some of the messages are complete, but others appear to be fragmented and incomplete.


" Customizing IP...

ERROR:coreutil:261 - Couldn't open c:\project\tmp\_cg\xil_2556_5.out for reading.

occurred during initialization of V

not reserve enough space for object hea

not create the Java virtual machine

ERROR:coreutil - An error occurred while running Java. This may be due to memory limitations.

You can adjust the memory dedicated to Java by going to the Preferences dialog available from the File menu.

Please consult solution record 21955 available from:

WARNING:coreutil:266 - Could not remove outfile.

Finished Customizing."

It appears that the first and last parts of the lines between the two ERRORs are being cut off.


The truncated messages are actually partial return messages from Java and should not be displayed at all. Even though CORE Generator is receiving the Java message and then displaying the desired error message to the console, on some systems the JAVA message also appears on the console.

The correct and complete message is also being displayed, so these partial messages can be ignored.

This issue will be fixed in the ISE 11.2 release.
AR# 22601
Date 02/17/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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