AR# 22604

8.1i XPower - Worst Case Mode removed from software


General Description: 

In 8.1i, where is the previous versions of software used to support a feature called worst case mode?


This feature was removed from the software. 


The purpose of this feature was to allow a user to enter a 'worst case mode' which simply means that the user can enter in worst case conditions (higher temperature, activity rate, and frequencies) and then toggle back and forth between 'normal' and 'worst case' inputs.  

This functionality may still be implemented using the current software. Save your 'normal' input data in one settings file and enter in the 'worst case' data, then save that in a second settings file. You can load one or the other settings file to see the appropriate power consumed.

AR# 22604
Date 05/19/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article