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AR# 2268

Concept2xil - Concept2xil causes NGDBUILD to issue "ERROR:based:48-..Duplicate port a in cell "alias_bit".


Keywords: Concept, Concept2xil, NGDBuild, edif2ngd

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
NGDBUILD or Edif2NGD may issue the following error on a
Concept design that contains buses:

ERROR:based:48 - On or above line 371 in file "calc.edf":
Duplicate port a in cell "alias_bit". This likely means
that the EDIF netlist was improperly written. Please
contact the vendor of the program that produced this EDIF


One cause of this is tapping bits off a bus (with SLICE),
and "renaming" those nets to other netnames. "Renaming" nets
tapped off a bus bus means naming a bus bit using any
deviation from the "busname<bit_number>" convention.

Renaming nets is notlegal with HDL Direct methodology.
For instance, if you have an 8 bit bus "mybus<7..0>", and you
wish to tap bit 5 off, then the net that comes from the SLICE
or TAP must be either unnamed, or labelled as "mybus<5>".
Naming the net "mybus5" would be incorrect without inserting a BUFF
component (buffer) in between this net and the bus or SLICE.

To rename a net that has been sliced/tapped off a bus, you
may run the net to a BUFF, and then rename the output of the
BUFF to a new netname.

Consult Cadence's OpenBook and also Xilinx's Cadence
Interface/Tutorial Guide for more information on HDL Direct
naming methodology.
AR# 2268
Date 02/11/2001
Status Archive
Type ??????
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