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AR# 22691

ML300 Lounge - Attempt to register with shipped product ID fails


Keywords: cannot, access, register

Some ML300 boards purchased after the release of ISE 6.2 were shipped with product IDs which fail when used to register for the ML300 lounge. The ML300 lounge provides access to a reference design for the ML300 and an image file for the MicroDrive.

This issue only effects people who have purchased the ML300 and that includes ISE and EDK tools that are more recent than 6.2.


If you have not received a letter with an updated product ID and one was not included with your ML300, please open a WebCase at:
Provide the product ID that was shipped with your ML300 board.

Base System Builder in EDK 7.1 and later can be used to build working systems that use many of the features of this board. EDK does include the OPB IIC and UART cores with hardware evaluation licenses. With the evaluation licenses, these cores will run correctly for about eight hours. A re-configuration will reset this eight-hour evaluation period.

AR# 22691
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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