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AR# 22725

7.1i EDK - XPS FlashWriter fails when part layout is PART_LAYOUT_08_16_08_1


Keywords: CFI

The following error occurs in FlashWriter when the Flash part layout is PART_LAYOUT_08_16_08_1 (the next write to set CFI query mode fails). Since the device does not reenter CFI query mode, the remaining reads are incorrect.

"CFI QRY ran out of space to accomodate region information."


To work around this issue, modify the cfi_init function in %XILINX_EDK%\data\xmd\flashwriter\src\flash.c, where %XILINX_EDK% is the directory where EDK is installed.

Change the following:
fl_cmdwrite (CFI_QRY_CMD_ADDR, CFI_QRY_CMD);
to the following:
fl_cmdwrite (CFI_QRY_CMD_ADDR << cfi_shift, CFI_QRY_CMD);
and move it up so it is before the following:
cfi_shift += devinfo.addr_shift;
AR# 22725
Date 04/17/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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