AR# 2279


M1.3 TRCE: Timing constraints for MD0, MD1, MD2 returns '0 items analyzed, 0 timing errors detected'.


Reference #: 17927

General Description:

Timing analysis on constraints associated with the special

pads MD0, MD1, MD2 may give the following result:


Path $I1 to QOUT contains 1 level of logic:

Path starting from Comp: MD0.I (from $Net00005_)

To Delay type Delay(ns) Physical


------------------------------------------------- --------

CLB_R10C1.C2 net 0.946R $Net00002_

Tdick 1.000R QOUT



Total (51.4% logic, 48.6% route) 1.946ns



Timing constraint: TS02 = MAXDELAY FROM TIMEGRP "FFS(QOUT)" TO


0 items analyzed, 0 timing errors detected.


In this example, DIN is assigned to MD0, and DOUT is assigned

to MD1. While MD0 is recognized as a CLB, MD1 is not even

seen by TRCE.


The current M1.3 does not process timing constraints

attached to MD0, MD1, or MD2. The same problem exists in XACTstep 5.2.1/6.0.1.

AR# 2279
Date 01/18/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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