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AR# 2281

M1.5/M1.4/M1.3 MAP: Automatic insertion of GSR/GR is not supported in M1.


Keywords: Map, GSR, GR, STARTUP symbol.

Urgency: Standard

Reference #: 11546 (sh_w)

General Description:

Automatic insertion of GSR/GR is not supported in M1.


To access the global reset or set/reset resource on the
XC4000E/L/EX/XL devices, users must manually instantiate a
STARTUP symbol in their design and connect up the GSR pin to an
input pin in schematic. Refer to the on-line (Xilinx Manual
Libraries Guide).

If you are doing your design in HDL, you must instantiate the
STARTUP block and make the same connections to the GSR pin.
AR# 2281
Date 03/27/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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