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AR# 22815

8.1i EDK - OPB_MDM - BSCAN_VIRTEX not found in Precision tools while synthesizing targeting Spartan-3


Precision synthesizer will error out when targeting a Spartan-3 device with a MicroBlaze embedded system within an ISE system.

"BSCAN_VIRTEX is not allowed in Spartan3 devices. You must use BSCAN_SPARTAN3 cell. Check the Xilinx Libraries Guide on the Xilinx website."

# Warning: Cell BSCAN_VIRTEX is not found in the technology library xis3.

# Info: Cell BSCAN_VIRTEX is added to the technology library xis3.


Since the Precision tools are not supported by Technical Support, there will not be a permanent fix to this issue.

One way to try to work around this issue is to modify the "bscan_virtex.vhd" located within the "opb_mdm" Core.

Copy the "opb_mdm_v2_00_a core" to you local "pcores" directory for you EDK project.

Open the "...\pcores\opb_mdm_v2_00_a\hdl\vhdl\bscan_virtex.vhd" file.

Change the entity name from

entity BSCAN_VIRTEX is


entity BSCAN_SPARTAN3 is

Change the end entity line from




Change the architecture line from

architecture Behavioral of BSCAN_VIRTEX is


architecture Behavioral of BSCAN_SPARTAN3 is

Again, since the Precision tool is not a supported flow, this is just a work-around and has not been tested.

AR# 22815
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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