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3.1i Design Manager - Design Manager does not start/come up when I double-click the icon (PC)


Keyword: design manager, start, icon, up, invoke, NT, 95, 98

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

On Win95, WinNT, Win98, the Design Manager does not start when you double
click the shortcut icon, nor when you select Start->Programs->Xilinx->Design
Manager. No error message or warning is generated.

Suggestions are provided below:



Check your system environment by opening up your autoexec.bat
file (win95/98) or Control Panel->System->environment (winNT).

Verify that the 'XILINX' variable is set correctly.

Correct setting:

Incorrect setting:
SET XILINX = C:\XILINX;C:\any\other\path

Please refer to your "Quickstart Guide" for additional detail on environment settings.


The TEMP directory may point to a directory that does not exist
or is READ only (check properties). Design Manager is unable
to create temporary files in the directory pointed to by TEMP.

Check the following:

1. If the TEMP variable is not set, edit the autoexec.bat
(Win95) or environment tab (WinNT) to add it in.

2. If the TEMP directory is already set, verify that the
directory pointed to exists. If not, create the directory. Remember,
this directory must exist and it must be readable and writable (check
properties). Once the directory has been created, the computer must
be restarted. Often times, it helps to also type in "set" from a DOS
prompt to double-check whether or not an env. setting took effect.

3. The TEMP variable should not have a trailing '\'.
(i.e - SET TEMP=C:\TEMP\) This can cause invalid directory names
to be formed.


Try placing the XILINX variable closer to the top of the autoexec.bat file.

It has been observed that the Design Manager will not start or
is slow to start if the XILINX variable is placed toward the
bottom of the autoexec.bat In addition, it is recommended to
have the path to the XILINX tools (i.e. - XILINX/bin/nt) appear
first in the PATH statement rather than towards the end.


Some autoexec.bat files contain subsections that specify
certain commands that are executed depending on what
operating system is being booted. These subsections are
typically designated by "goto" statements.

Make sure that your XILINX and PATH variables are set
*before* any "goto" statements and outside of any such
subsections. Ideally, they should be placed at the
beginning of the autoexec.bat file.


If the Design Manager appears briefly then disappears, there
is a possibility of project corruption. It has been noticed that loading
an older Design Manager project from version M1.4 into version M2.1i
can sometimes cause this problem.

The solution to this is to create a new project. This can be done by
passing the name of the design netlist to the Design Manager from the
command prompt. For example :

dsgnmgr -design <top-level>.edn or
xilinx -design <top-level>.edn

Please refer to (Xilinx Solutions 4064) for more details on the -design switch.
AR# 2284
Date 06/13/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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