AR# 22842


LogiCORE Packet Queue v1.2 - Release Notes and Known Issues for Packet Queue Core


This Release Note is for the Packet Queue Core v1.2; it contains the following information: 
- New Features 
- Bug Fixes 
- General Information 
- Known Issues


New Features in v1.2 
- Supports ISE8.2i with Service Pack 1 
- Asynchronous Read and Write Clocks 
- Rewind Functionality 
Bug Fixes in v1.2 
- CR 224578: Packet is acknowledged but not read out. 
- CR 224832: WR_SRC_DSC can cause data corruption. 
- CR 224834: RD_DST_DSC allows unavailable packets to be scheduled. 
General Information 
(Xilinx Answer 22689) Can I automatically flush packets as they are read? 
Known Issues in v1.2 
(Xilinx Answer 22669) ModelSim Error: "Formal "init" length is XX; string literal length is YY" 
(Xilinx Answer 22681) Core stops responding when writing large packets  
(Xilinx Answer 22682) Flushing the packet being read causes data corruption  
(Xilinx Answer 22685) Flushing too many packets causes data corruption
AR# 22842
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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