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8.1i Install - EDK Service Pack Release Notes (README)


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This README Answer Record contains the Release Notes for 8.1i Service Packs.

The Release Notes include installation instructions and a list of the issues that have been fixed. Note that ISE Service Packs are cumulative; therefore, fixes found in Service Pack 1 are also found in Service Packs 2 and 3.




A successful installation of Xilinx EDK 8.1i Service Pack "x" updates your software version number to 8.1.0xi.

1. The destination directory specified during the set-up operation must contain an existing Xilinx EDK installation. Only existing files are updated.
2. You must set the XILINX and XILINX_EDK environment variables before installing the Service Pack.

Installation Instructions for Windows Users
1. Download "EDK_8_1_0xi_win.exe" from:
2. Run "EDK_8_1_0xi_win.exe"

Installation Instructions for Red Hat Linux & Solaris Users
1. Download "EDK_8_1_0xi_<platform>.zip" from:
2. Move the zip file to an empty "staging" area, and unzip the downloaded file.

For example:
mv EDK_8_1_0xi_<platform>.zip /home/<staging_dir>
cd /home/<staging_dir>
unzip EDK_8_1_0xi_<platform>.zip

3. Run "setup."


For detailed information regarding EDK IP cores, see (Xilinx Answer 23313).

Issues Fixed by 8.1i Service Packs

(SP2) 8.1i EDK Sp2 - opb_ipif_v3_01_c has incorrect MIR register value (Xilinx Answer 23230

(SP2) 8.1i EDK Sp2 - The gpio_v2_00_a software driver does not correctly use Mask register to disable interrupt (Xilinx Answer 23231)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK Sp2 - The iic_v1_01_d IIC master driver produces an extra ack when reading 16 bytes (Xilinx Answer 23232)

(SP2) 8.1i XST - WARNING:Xst:647 - Input <clk> is never used / WARNING:Xst:1305 - Output <xxxxxxx> is never assigned. Tied to value 0. (Xilinx Answer 23233)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK SP2 - PPC405 errata 213 on Virtex-4 VxWorks BSP needs to be updated (Xilinx Answer 23234)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK Service Pack 2 - The opb_pci_v1_02_a bridge incorrectly asserts opb_timout on the next address after a Master Abort transaction (Xilinx Answer 23235)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK Service Pack 2 - PLB Arbiter v1_01_a does not assert PLB_MBusy correctly (Xilinx Answer 23236)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK Sp2 - emaclite_v1_01_a software driver - XEmacLite_RecvFrame Does Not Get Correct LengthType (Xilinx Answer 23237)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK Sp2 - wrpfifo_v2_00_a, Write Packet FIFO returns an Error Acknowledge when a PLB Master writes to its reset port (Xilinx Answer 23238)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK Service Pack 2 - The plb_ethernet v1.01a, xemac_l.h includes incorrect EMIR type Mask value (Xilinx Answer 23239)

(SP2) 8.1 / 7.1 EDK - MontaVista Linux MLD is copying the wrong xemac_g.c when the design contains two Ethernet cores (Xilinx Answer 23170)

(SP2) 8.1 EDK - XilKernel v3.00a - Fails to function in multi-thread designs like LwIP (Xilinx Answer 23171)

(SP2) 8.1 EDK - LwIP library does not compile for certain Ethernet settings (Xilinx Answer 23172)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK - " ** Error: Memory Collision Error on RAMB16_S9_S9: :tb:dut:uproc:microblaze_0:microblaze_ " (Xilinx Answer 23158)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK - "ERROR:MDT - Could not locate JVM dynamic library jre/lib/i386/client " (Xilinx Answer 23160)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK - A default stack and heap size of 0 gets generated with a new EDK project (Xilinx Answer 23119)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK - "ERROR:MDT - plb_ddr_v2_1_0.mpd line 66 - PARAMETER C_DDR_DWIDTH has value 16 which does not fall in the range (32,64)" (Xilinx Answer 22933)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK - I cannot import my bitstream and bmm files from my Project Navigator project (Xilinx Answer 22938)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK - "ERROR:MDT - ERROR FROM TCL:- Ethernet_MAC (opb_ethernet)" (Xilinx Answer 23173)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK - ../include/xenv_none.h:58:19: sleep.h: No such file or directory (Xilinx Answer 23177)

(SP2) 8.1i EDK - TestApp_Peripheral.c:54: undefined reference to 'UartLiteSelfTestExample' (Xilinx Answer 23178)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK - I cannot target the ML405 or ML406 boards. Why? (Xilinx Answer 22821)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK - I cannot step over a GDB breakpoint in a xilkernel project (Xilinx Answer 22822)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK - XPS crashes when configuring a coprocessor (Xilinx Answer 22823)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK - Reload or resync does not resync shared EDK repository (Xilinx Answer 22825)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK - "Generate Addresses" does not update the MicroBlaze DCache address (Xilinx Answer 22827)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK - XPS crashes when the processor instance or the plb_temac instance is deleted (Xilinx Answer 22828)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK - ChipScope ICON automatic MDM identification does not work for non Virtex-4 parts - (MAP errors because of multiple BSCAN components) (Xilinx Answer 22742)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK - Incorrect values read back from ISOCM through XMD (Xilinx Answer 22832)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK - "ERROR: Unable to compile flashwriter application. Please check the following..." (Xilinx Answer 22743)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK - The driver repository is not immediately updated after the completion of a user core (Xilinx Answer 22833)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK - The GNU software compiler option -B does not work (Xilinx Answer 22834)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK - Newly added nets do not appear in the net pull down menus for other IP (Xilinx Answer 22836)

(SP1) 8.1 / 7.1 EDK - Monta Vista Linux 3.1 - Ethernet performance decreased when switching to the 3.1 kernel (Xilinx Answer 22802)

(SP1) 7.1.2 EDK - SDK will not start on 32- and 64-bit linux OSs (Xilinx Answer 22365)

(SP1) Using OPB PCI Core (in ML310) does not start VxWorks on the Terminal (Xilinx Answer 22518)

(SP1) 8.1 / 7.1 GNU - mb-gdb backtrace does not work on optimized executables (Xilinx Answer 22803)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK sp1- microblaze_v4, 'msrset/msrclr' instructions executed despite branch instruction (Xilinx Answer 22864)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK sp1- mch_opb_ddr, Ethernet DMA hangs during burst read from mch_opb_ddr when crossing bank address boundaries (Xilinx Answer 22863)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK sp1- OPB DDR, OPB_DDR test routine fails when PowerPC cache is enabled (Xilinx Answer 22865)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK sp1- PPC405 errata 213 on Virtex-4 VxWorks BSP needs to be updated (Xilinx Answer 22868)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK sp1- OPB PCI, OPB retries occur instead of OPB timeouts for abnormal PCI terminations (Xilinx Answer 22867)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK sp1- OPB IPIF V3_01_A does not register Sln_xferAck output (Xilinx Answer 22869)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK sp1- Incorrect value when reading registers in PLB IPIF (i.e., Interrupt status reg.) (Xilinx Answer 22870)

(SP1) 8.1i EDK sp1- Processor IP Drivers do not support virtual memory (Xilinx Answer 22872) )
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