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AR# 22854

7.1i EDK - Flash Programmer - ML403 board : Unable to query target part layout!


Keywords: flash, programmer, EDK, ML403, layout, query, target, part

When attempting to program the flash on the ML403 board using the EDK flash programmer tool, the following error message is seen.

"Unable to query target part layout!"

The flash cannot be accessed for either reads or writes, but the EMC peripheral is in the design.



If the design was created by the BSB tool, a connection in the EDK project will be missing. This connection is for the chip enable pin connected via pin W7 to the flash devices.

Make edits to hardware design in Platform Studio:

Add following port to global ports list.
PORT fpga_0_FLASH_2Mx32_Mem_ce_pin = net_vcc, DIR = OUTPUT

Make edits to UCF file:

Net fpga_0_FLASH_2Mx32_Mem_ce_pin LOC=W7;
Net fpga_0_FLASH_2Mx32_Mem_ce_pin IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33;
Net fpga_0_FLASH_2Mx32_Mem_ce_pin SLEW = FAST;
Net fpga_0_FLASH_2Mx32_Mem_ce_pin DRIVE = 8;


This issue has been addressed in EDK 8.1i.
AR# 22854
Date 04/17/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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