AR# 22858

8.1i ISE - Synthesis completes without errors, but Project Navigator reports "Process 'Synthesize' failed"


Keywords: XST, process, synthesis, VHDL, status, red x

Although a synthesis process completes without errors, my design fails and Project Navigator reports:

"Process 'Synthesize' failed."

However, there is no indication what the problem is.


This issue occurs in VHDL designs if the entity and architecture names are written in different cases:

For example:

entity MY_TOP is
port (
in_a : in std_logic;
in_b : in std_logic;
out_x : out std_logic;
end MY_TOP

architecture design1 of My_top is

To work around this issue, change the name of either the entity or architecture so that the cases match.

This issue will be fixed in Service Pack 3 for ISE 8.1i, which is scheduled for release in March, 2006.
AR# 22858
Date 03/26/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article