AR# 22886


10.1 ISE - Project Navigator processes do not release memory even after a project is closed and reopened (memory leak)


For several design processes, Project Navigator is not releasing physical and virtual memory. Every time one of these processes is run, Project Navigator uses more memory. When Project Navigator is left open for several iterations of these processes, computer performance is affected.


Many of the memory-related issues have been isolated and fixed. However, this is still an issue and Xilinx is continuing to work on the problem. Please report any specific use cases that demonstrate memory leaks in ISE 10.1 or later software to Xilinx Technical Support.

To release all memory held by Project Navigator, close and reopen ISE.

Memory-related issues fixed or improved in ISE 9.1i Service Pack 3

- Memory usage during netlisting of schematic hierarchical designs

- Memory usage during netlisting of schematic design with CORE Generator modules

Memory-related issues fixed or improved in ISE 10.1 Service Pack 1

- 50K to 100K byte leak each time a property dialog is displayed

- Scratch Property Instances leak due to incorrect reference counts (leak might be significant depending on design)

The latest ISE Service Packs are available at:

AR# 22886
Date 05/13/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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