AR# 22938

8.1i EDK - I cannot import my bitstream and bmm files from my Project Navigator project


Platform Studio will not import from Project Navigator. Instead, a pop-up window named "Question" appears that shows the name of the bit file or bmm file that I attempted to import. When I click OK, the pop-up disappears and returns to the import window. However, the contents of the import window are still empty instead of containing the files that I intended to import.

1. Open a project in Platform Studio.

2. Choose Project..Import from Project Navigator.

3. Choose the Browse.. box that is adjacent to the Bit File window.

4. Navigate to the "projnav" directory and choose the "*.bit" file.

5. Choose Open.. box.

6. Choose the OK box in the Question pop-up window.

7. Note that the "Import from Project Navigator" window is still empty.


This problem will be fixed in a future service pack. Manually copy the "*.bit" file from the projnav directory into the <edk_project>/implementation directory, as the "*.bmm" files already reside in "<edk_project>/implementation."

This issue has been fixed in EDK 8.1isp2.

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AR# 22938
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article