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AR# 22959

8.1i ISE - The size of a Project Navigator project file (.ise) becomes extremely large


Keywords: large, project file, simulation, UniSim, SimPrim, post, PAR, place and route, MAP, translate, NetGen

A Project Navigator project file (.ise) is typically between 0.5 Mbytes and 2.0 Mbytes. However, after running a post-route, post-MAP, or post-translation simulation, the ".ise" file becomes much larger (perhaps 10 to 100 times larger).


The new structure of the ".ise" project file is such that every instantiated component is recorded so that implementation status of the component can be tracked. (Note that the ".ise" file does not contain any connectivity information such as would be found in an HDL or netlist file). In most cases, the number of instantiated components in a design is less than a thousand and there is no significant increase in the size of the ".ise" file. However, after some processes (e.g., when generation of a simulation netlist is parsed) more detailed (SimPrim or UniSim component-level) and/or redundant references are entered into the ".ise" file. This is a problem, as these components are not used or tracked by Project Navigator.

In ISE 8.2i, the format of the .ise file has been changed slightly so that much of the redundant or unneeded information is no longer stored. This change reduces the ISE project file size from between 2X for smaller files to 100X for very large files. Because of this change, an .ise file opened in 8.2i Project navigator will not be readable in 8.1i Project Navigator. To preserve the project file for possible use with 8.1x software, please make a backup of the .ise file. The 8.2i Project Navigator will automatically back up the .ise file the first time an older version project is opened.
AR# 22959
Date 03/26/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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