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11.1 AccelDSP Synthesis Tool - How do I switch between MATLAB versions used with AccelDSP?


How do I switch between MATLAB versions used with AccelDSP?


For MATLAB R14 SP1 or earlier, AccelDSP uses the version of MATLAB you last invoked. However, once you have run MATLAB R14 SP2, switching back to an earlier version requires you to reset your registries so that the appropriate MATLAB COM server (the method AccelDSP uses to connect to MATLAB) is used.

For more details, refer to the following help from The MathWorks:

Register MATLAB As a COM Server

To run this program on Windows, you must have MATLAB registered as a COM server on your system. This registration is part of the MATLAB installation process and should have already been done for you as part of the install. If, for some reason, the registration was not done or did not complete successfully, you might see the following error displayed when you try to run this example:

"Can't start MATLAB engine"

For MATLAB 2006b and earlier

If you see this error, you must register MATLAB as a server manually by entering the following commands in a DOS command window:

cd $MATLAB\bin\win32

matlab /regserver


matlab -regserver

In the first line, replace the term $MATLAB with a string defining the MATLAB root directory (for the version of MATLAB you are switching to). MATLAB returns this string when you enter the command matlabroot at the MATLAB command prompt.

NOTE: Run this command in the version of MATLAB you are switching to and not the one you are switching from.

For MATLAB 2007a and later

To work around a bug with the COM Server in MATLAB 2007a and 2007b, it is recommended that you add the System Environment Variable "MATLAB_RESERVE_LO" and set it to the value to zero (0).

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