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AR# 22977

8.1 AccelDSP Synthesis Tool - How can I run the fixed-point MATLAB outside of AccelDSP?


How can I run the fixed-point MATLAB outside of AccelDSP?


To run the fixed-point MATLAB code that AccelDSP generates in a standalone invocation of MATLAB, perform the following steps: 

1. Invoke MATLAB. 

2. Set the MATLAB working directory to the FixedPointM directory in your project. 

3. Select File -> Set Path and click the "Add with Subfolders..." button.  

4. Browse to the AccelDSP\<version_num>\toolbox directory and click OK.  

5. If your MATLAB code uses a load function, click the "Add Folder..." button to add the directory above the FixedPointM directory. 

6. Type "clean all" on the command line. You need to do this before each run. 

7. Run your script file located in the FixedPointM directory. 


In 8.1, the overflow and underflow warnings are saved in a log file (acceldsp_verify_warning.log) instead of echoed in the MATLAB console. Since the messages are not displayed, the use of the log file increases simulation performance without changing tool behavior. This flag does not affect AccelDSP because these warnings are already filtered to reduce clutter in the transcript. A new flag was added in 8.1 to log the warnings and errors.  




To disable this logging to files feature, enter: 

- warning off AccelDSP:Quantize:logwarnings 


To re-enable warning/error logging, enter: 

- warning on AccelDSP:Quantize:logwarnings 


You can turn on or off warnings issued by AccelDSP quantizers with the following MATLAB commands: 

- warning off AccelDSP:Quantize:overflow 

- warning off AccelDSP:Quantize:underflow 

- warning on AccelDSP:Quantize:overflow 

- warning on AccelDSP:Quantize:underflow

AR# 22977
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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