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AR# 23051

8.2i ISE - ERROR:Xst:2554 - -hierarchy_separator switch set to value _ is not supported when Partitions are defined


Keywords: bus, delimiter, hierarchical, separation

After enabling Partitions for certain nodes of my design, I receive the following error when running XST:

"ERROR:Xst:2554 - '-hierarchy_separator' switch set to value '_' is not supported when Partitions are defined"


When using partitions in ISE 8.2i, the XST hierarchy separator must be set to "/" rather than to "_".

You can change the XST hierarchy separator in ISE in the XST Synthesis Options. You get to the options by doing the following:

1. Ensure you have your top-level file highlighted in the Sources window.
2. Right-click "Synthesize - XST" in the Processes window.
3. In the Synthesis Options Category, ensure the property display level is set to Advanced.
4. For the Hierarchy Separator option, select "/" rather than "_".
AR# 23051
Date 04/23/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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