AR# 2308


M1.3 MAP: Map doesn't validate PROHIBIT constraints before writing them out.


Keywords: map, prohibit, par, constraint

Urgency: standard

General Description: Map does not validate PROHIBIT
constraints before writing them out to the respective .ucf or
.pcf constraints files. For example, the TBUF_R1C1
constraint should be converted to TBUF_R1C1.* since this is
the syntax that PAR would expect.

As a result, the PAR will end up flagging errors on such
invalid constraints later during the place and route design


This problem is likely to arise when converting XACTstep
5.x and 6.x designs utilizing the pre-M1 XACT-step constraint
syntax, or when using the same pre-M1 syntax in .UCF
constraint files with the M1 core tools.

The workaround for this problem is to modify the constraint
manually in either the input design, the .ucf, or .pcf
constraints file, following M1 guidelines.

Please refer to (Xilinx solution 1604) for more information
about M1 specific constraints and syntax.

Bug Reference #: 17577 (fixed in version 1.4)
AR# 2308
Date 06/26/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article
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