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AR# 23102

8.2i ISE - Project Navigator hangs when opening specific projects and project file is corrupt


Keywords: corruption, Design Unit, large, binary, open, freezes, frozen, not responding, unresponsive

When I open a project, Project Navigator hangs, and the operating system displays a message indicating that the program is no longer responding.


The .ise project file can take several minutes to load in the following cases:
- When the .ise file is in ISE 8.1i format and the file size has significantly increased. See (Xilinx Answer 22959) for more information on file size. When a project has been opened once in ISE 8.2i, project file size should no longer be an issue.
- Running Project Navigator over a network or opening a design on a network drive can also significantly slow down the loading of a project.
- The project file may have become corrupted as a result of a crash or improper file tracking by Project Navigator.
- In most situations that have been reported to Xilinx Technical Support, corrupt projects have had either missing Design Unit entries or duplicated Design Unit entries. The ISE 8.2i Service Pack 1 includes some fixes to prevent known types of corruption and to allow the opening of corrupt projects. This service pack is available at:

To restore a project that will not open, follow these steps:
1. First try replacing the .ise file with the .ise_backup file. Rename the backup file to use the .ise extension.
2. Use a snapshot file (.snp) from a recent project snapshot as the project file. Replace the .ise file with the .snp file and change the .snp extension to .ise. Allow the new .ise file to have Read/Write permissions.

Report any project corruption to the Xilinx Technical Support along with any procedure or events leading up to the current project state.
AR# 23102
Date 03/26/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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