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AR# 23125

xilfatfs_v1_00_a - Size of the compiled code greater in 7.1i than in 6.3i


In my design, I use the xilfatfs_v1_00_a software library. In EDK 7.1i, the size of the compiled code of my design is greater than in EDK 6.3i.


In EDK 7.1i, xilfatfs_v1_00_a was updated to include read/write caches, and the default is to allocate 10240 bytes. The snippet to include in the mss file (to use Xilfatfs) is as follows:


parameter LIBRARY_NAME = xilfatfs

parameter LIBRARY_VER = 1.00.a

parameter CONFIG_WRITE = true

parameter CONFIG_DIR_SUPPORT = false

parameter CONFIG_FAT12 = false

parameter CONFIG_MAXFILES = 5

parameter CONFIG_BUFCACHE_SIZE = 10240

parameter PROC_INSTANCE = powerpc_0


CONFIG_BUFCACHE_SIZE defines the amount of memory (in bytes) used by the library for buffering read and write calls to the System ACE. This improves the performance of both sysace_fread and sysace_fwrite by buffering the data in memory and avoiding unnecessary calls to read the CF device.

AR# 23125
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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