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8.1i System Generator for DSP - Can I install on MATLAB 2006a?


Keywords: SP3, R14.1, R14.2, R14.3, 7.1, 6.3, comcli, comcli.dll

When I try to install System Generator for DSP 8.1i using MATLAB 2006a, System Generator for DSP cannot detect my install of MATLAB 2006a. Why?


The installation does not succeed because System Generator for DSP 8.1i is not supported on MATLAB 2006a.

The versions of MATLAB that are compatible with System Generator for DSP 8.1i are the following:
- MATLAB R14.1
- MATLAB R14.2
- MATLAB R14.3

For more information, see the System Generator for DSP Compatibility Answer Record (Xilinx Answer 17966).

MATLAB 2006a is supported in the 8.1i Service Pack 1 (8.1.01) release of System Generator for DSP.

There is a bug in MATLAB 2006a that requires a patch to make it compatible with System Generator for DSP 8.1.01. You can download the necessary patch from the MathWorks support site at:

It is important to use the comcli.dll file that is available in the above MATLAB solution because other versions of this file that are available from MATLAB will cause MATLAB to crash when you try to use System Generator.

AR# 23145
Date 03/11/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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