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AR# 23196

8.1i iMPACT - When downloading a file to the SysAce CF, .elf or .bmm files cannot be selected


The iMPACT software can be used to combine the ".bit" file with the ".elf" and ".bmm" files when downloading a bit file to a device. This capability can also be used to copy a ".bit" file with a ".bmm" and an ".elf" file to a Compact Flash card. Impact uses these files to generate a new bit file and then the ace file.

The problem is that the software will not allow an ".elf" or ".bmm" file to be loaded along with the corresponding ".bit" file during ace file generation.


To work around this problem, Data2Mem must be run on the ".bit", ".bmm", and ".elf" file. This will append the block RAM contents to the ".bit" file. This is documented in the Development System Reference Guide.

This issue will be fixed in the 8.2i release of the Design Environment Tools.

AR# 23196
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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